Our Mission

Our Collective Mission Is...

  • To promote and foster equality, diversity and inclusion in the games industry, where everyone belongs, voices are heard and ideas can thrive.
  • To inspire games businesses to champion and foster equality, diversity and inclusion within their organisations.
  • To drive meaningful cultural and behavioural changes that create a more diverse and inclusive games industry.

Diversity Matters.

Over 2.5 billion people - of all ages, of all backgrounds, all around the world - play video games in some shape or form. Games are increasingly a defining way for how people interact with the world, where digitally connected global communities of millions are joined together by their common passion for playing games.

As the games playing community continues to evolve, grow and become increasingly diverse, the games industry needs to evolve with it, so we can create even more engaging, innovative and fun experiences that appeal to everyone.

To do this, as a sector we need to attract and foster talent with diversity of thought and experience. We need to do more to seek out this talent and we need to create environments where this talent feels that they belong.

No one company can do this on their own and we need to work together as an industry to bring about genuine and lasting change.

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