Pledge Partner Case Study - Creative Assembly

By The Editor on 21/01/2020

RaiseTheGame is all about collaboration and learning from each other - our pledge partner case studies show how other games businesses are improving diversity and inclusion in their businesses.

Here's how one of our Launch Pledge Partners, Creative Assembly, are approaching the three pledge pillars:

Pledge Pillar 1 - Attract more diverse talent to join the games industry…by recruiting as fairly and widely as possible.

We drive fairness through our recruitment process and reach far and wide globally to attract diverse talent into the industry. This includes having diverse representation at education and industry events, assessing the language we use in our job adverts and marketing, challenging ourselves in our approach to interviews through structured techniques and unconscious bias training for our leads. We’ve seen an increase in diverse applicants to the studio and since August 2018 24% of new staff to Creative Assembly identify as female, making up an overall 18.4% of CA UK staff.

Pledge Pillar 2 - Create an inclusive culture where all can thrive…by educating and inspiring our people to take more personal responsibility for fostering and promoting diversity and inclusion.

We aim to foster a diverse workforce and nurture a culture of inclusion that reflects the global society for which we create games. We do this through internal initiatives like unconscious bias training for our leads and external speakers and workshops for our Diversity and Inclusion Network. We empower all our people to become ambassadors to promote games as a power for good both within and outside of the studio – over 100 ambassadors actively supported a total of 88 education activities in 2019.

Pledge Pillar 3 - Reflecting greater diversity in our work…by striving for this in everything we do, from game design and development, through to marketing and other support services.

We aim to carefully consider inclusivity and the representation of characters and populations in our games and promotion, to educate where possible. We have introduced a guiding framework for our developers and marketing teams, to empower them to have the right conversations at the right time, with our corresponding game decisions being thoughtful and purposeful. We are gathering feedback on the Framework model to assess its impact.