Access November Campaign 2022

Amplifying Accessibility Awareness And Championing Representation Of Disability And Neurodiversity In The UK Games Industry

A brand new movement by #RaiseTheGame to inspire games industry professionals and companies to make their games and services more accessible, as well as champion representation of disabled and neurodiverse people both in the stories that games are telling and within the teams that make them.

#RaiseTheGame will be sharing content and putting on activities throughout the campaign to provide opportunities and resources to help organisations think more inclusively and consider untapped demographics, such as those from disabled and neurodiverse communities, to expand audiences, talent growth and outreach efforts.

The campaign purpose is to overall highlight the importance around these vital matters and continue the pledge’s ongoing efforts to create meaningful, cultural and behavioural change in UK games businesses.

Access November Events:

AbilityNet TechShare Pro, Tuesday 15 - Thursday 17 November

Europe's largest accessibility and inclusive design conference, that takes place this year virtually via Hopin. #RaiseTheGame has partnered with to support deliver the video games related content and talks taking place during the event such as a look at God of War Ragnarök's accessibility features and panel session involving accessibility experts from the likes of Activision Blizzard King, RNIB and Ubisoft.

AbilityNet TechShare Pro: Media Representation Of Disability Hybrid Event, Tuesday 15 November

How does media representation of disability affect the work of accessibility and inclusion advocates?.

TechShare Pro looks to explore this question through a range of live talks and networking.

GamePad Online: Live From Samsung KX, Saturday 19 November

GamePad Online: Live From Samsung KX, Saturday 19 November: GamePad Online is an exciting all-ages, livestreamed watch party celebrating video game culture from the comfort of your home. #RaiseTheGame has partnered with mayamada to deliver a panel about games accessibility for the event.

Access November 2022 Workshop Series: Auditory Accessibility Webinar, Monday 21 November at 12:00 GMT

Join this webinar delivered by Chris Goodyear of Many Cats Studios to learn a range of best practices around auditory accessibility to embed into your workplaces and games.

Access November 2022 Workshop Series: Neurodiversity & Cognitive Accessibility Webinar, Tuesday 22 November at 17:00 GMT

Join this webinar delivered by Sarah Brewster of Fresh Seed with Agata Ostaszewska and Alice Cooper of Autistica to learn a range of best practices around neurodiversity and cognitive support to embed into your workplaces and games.

Accessible Gaming In Action, Wednesday 23 November at 18:00 GMT

#RaiseTheGame is teaming up with Everyone Can & Tanglewood Games to host an in-person networking event giving attendees the opportunity to play games in a way they may never have done before!

Access November 2022 Workshop Series: Visual Accessibility Webinar, Thursday 24 November at 12:30 GMT

Join this webinar delivered by SightlessKombat of RNIB and Cari Watterton of Rebellion to learn a range of best practices around visual accessibility to embed into your workplaces and games.

Access November Virtual Roundtables & Networking Event, Friday 25 November at 12:00 GMT

To conclude the Access November campaign in style - join #RaiseTheGame for a virtual lunch time event filled with discussions and networking.

Access November Content

  • <img src="RallyHere_Sponsored Post For Develop Brighton 2023_01_1400x788.png" alt="Image titled CRO Spotlight in bold violet depicting RallyHere's logo with a headshot of RallyHere's CRO Trevor Williams">

    Why RallyHere’s Mission is Democratizing Live Game Operations

    With rapid evolution of the games industry, it is crucial for companies to embrace the transition to Live Operations (Live Ops) style games to meet player demands, while also embedding equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) best practices. Trevor Williams, CRO at RallyHere talks about how the company is doing exactly that...

  • Impact Campaign logo with tagline, alongside headshots of the 2023 Cohort (From top left to bottom right): Smart Hopewell, Senior Narrative Writer (Freelance) - Li Brady, QA Tester (The Chinese Room) - Christopher Leech, PhD Researcher (Edge Hill University) - Inès Robin, Client Developer (Space Ape Games) - Kathryn Vinclaire, Voice Actor (Freelance) - Sadie Jarvis, Community Manager (Raw Fury)

    Many Cats Studios and Ukie's #RaiseTheGame Impact Campaign 2023 Cohort Announcement Press Release

    Many Cats Studios and Ukie’s #RaiseTheGame reveal this year's Cohort for ‘Impact’, a campaign to celebrate disabled and neurodiverse people in the UK games industry while also educating the industry to do better for the communities...

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    Develop:Brighton 2023

    Develop:Brighton is back yet again for 2023 with #RaiseTheGame as an event partner. We highlight 5 reasons you should consider attending the only event in the UK that brings the entire game-making industry together...

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    Many Cats Studios and Ukie's #RaiseTheGame Impact Campaign 2023 Press Release

    Many Cats Studios and Ukie’s #RaiseTheGame launch ‘Impact’ campaign to celebrate disabled and neurodiverse people in the UK games industry...

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    The Connection Between Demographics, Video Games And Cybersecurity

    Threats are rife in the online and video game community, from trolling and bullying to the risk of losing our data we face from cyber criminals. It is not an isolated issue and many of us have witnessed or been the victim of such attacks, and we must shield ourselves from them where possible. We are discussing whether some demographics find themselves the targets of online threats more often than others, looking at cybercrime and cyberbullying statistics and how they show the ways the video games community finds itself in the sights of hackers.